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    October 27, 2009


    Evan McBroom

    Matt - good to hear it worked for you. You've gone even more "Edward Scissorhand" than I did. Brave man!

    Janice - go, go, go. Snip away.

    Meg - you march down the hall at NPR and start cutting away.

    Matthew Schantz

    Good advice, Evan. I tried a similar approach in my last talk, putting no more than two words on each slide, and often just a graphic. That gave me more flexibility to adjust to questions that came during the talk, and it had the extra benefit of better eye contact and participation from the audience. I'll certainly do it again.

    Blessings on your presentation at the Cornerstone Conference!

    Janice Crago

    Ow! You're making me think about a talk I'm giving on Friday. Where can I snip-snip?


    Simple, yet profound concept. I like.

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