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    April 02, 2009



    What do I love the most about my work? Well, I work doing two things. I write, and I'm raising three challenging boys, two with special needs.

    First, with my writing job, I love that when I'm not feelin' it, I can pick up, *pack* up, and take my laptop anywhere for a fresh perspective. This usually ends with me and my trusty red Gateway clicking away in my church lobby on a comfy leather couch hacking into the church's wireless network. (Not really - I have a password!)

    As for being a special needs mom, the thing I value the most is seeing my hard work pay off with visible results - my autistic son overcoming an issue we've been working on for weeks, or simply processing a thought or idea for the first time and seeing the clarity cross his face.

    It's hard, but I love my job.

    Holly Anderson (I've got my WRCC blogger hat on ...)

    Evan McBroom

    What could be a better priority for the whole team to steward than a culture that puts people ahead of projects? Realationship over revenue? Leah, since you joined the team, you have been a model of balance and healthy boundries. I so respect how you draw lines with a feather -they are clear but full of grace.

    Leah Norton

    Here's what I really love and value about my/our work at Fishhook ... that I can be totally honest with our team that my family (especially with our two young daughters still at home a majority of the time) is a top priority. And then with that out in the open, I'm free to love and give my all to my work and our clients! But I really never feel conflicted about these priorities. And the FH team always values and works to support me in all of that! I hope I can and do the same for them with their family priorities!

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