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    September 30, 2008



    As an avid collector of knowledge (well, I was before two kids came along 17 months apart), I am looking for some good marketing related books to expand my learning - any suggestions???

    I'm sure some of your great team has specialties - like blogging, website design, aligning marketing pieces to a mission statement, etc. that they would love to write about and I would love to read.

    Oh, and I always love the crazy signs you find! (You should check the one out in our ladies bathroom for a good laugh!!)

    Leanne Shawler

    Hmm, how about how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

    Or, as crossed my desk yesterday from a vestry member, the importance (or not) of church press kits?

    And yeah, if its your anniversary this week, it just might be time to go all gooey-eyed...


    I rushed here after seeing your FB status only to find that Leah beat me to my suggestion. Great minds think alike.

    Randy Cox

    After reading this post via RSS, I came to the site only to find that Josh had pretty much made my suggestion for me. I want to hear your thoughts on how to assemble a terrific team.

    Josh Gregoire

    I have come to realize that a great organization, such as Fishhook, is more often than not the result of God blessing it with a great team of people.
    I would love to hear some of the stories associated with the men and women that are blessing many of the churches we work with.

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    I recently wrote a post called "Jesus Is a Hard Sell" - a kind of commentary of the challenges associated with church communications.

    I'd love to hear your perspective on the subject. Thanks for all you do.

    Leah Norton

    You can always fall back to listing and discussing your favorite (best-decorated/designed/accessorized) bathrooms to visit (Jeff L. and Jenina - that comment is for you). Actually, isn't your wedding anniversary this Friday? I'd be talking Debbie up if I were you. She's a great lady. Lots to talk up.

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