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    February 29, 2008


    Evan McBroom

    Bekky - first, sorry about your sad and personal connection to ValuJet. Second...I'm with you...Creepy. Glad they are heading toward a new name.

    Bekky Coffey

    First, I lost a friend in that ValuJet crash, and the name ValuJet now gives me shivers. Ever since then I have steared clear of any business with a name similar to your AAA Economy Fire's almost like a superstition...if I were superstitious.

    Secondly, though I am NOT a Trekkie, when I hear the word assimilation it makes me think of the Borg from Star Trek. CREEPY! The title, Minister of Assimilation, sends off cult-like vibes to me. I'm going to have to give some thought to what might be a better title.

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