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    January 24, 2008


    Michael Buckingham

    We do this with several churches. It can make a lot of sense, especially for churches with limited resources that can't hire full time staff for a communications department.

    Communication is key and for me being a part of the ministry is a must. I look for churches that are looking for more than an outsourced vendor, but are looking for someone to link arms with.

    Roland is right, it's just like being on staff...I get the electronic knock on my door with "we have a change..." or "we just found out..." but with good communication it's managed.

    I love it, it allows me to be an integrated part of many different ministries all at once.

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    If they're anything like the typical church I've observed, they'll most likely drive them (the outsourced company) CRAZY with the standard, "Oh, by the way ..." last-minute approach to projects. I predict that they would soon abandon the model in favor of driving only one internal person nuts.

    But what do I know? I only do this for a living. ;-)

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