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    January 03, 2008


    Evan McBroom

    It usually takes me about 3-4 days to get that "fresh start-recharged" feeling. I got it today baby!!!

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    The time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas always gives me tired-head. New Year's, for me, is a celebration of the holidays coming to an end and marks a fresh beginning. I really like New Year's b/c it tends to reset the clock, recharge the batteries, and sets my sights ahead. Happy New Year!

    Leah Norton

    So interesting. In this situation, I'm a little bit of "Evan" and a little bit of "Janie." I have moments of feeling a little down (sad that the holidays are over) and out of the routine/off my game. But then, I can feel really excited about a new year and a new start in various areas of my life. Wow, I need God! Who else can give me the direction and clarity that I need?


    This is why we complement each others work so well ... I absolutely LOVE post-holiday season. A whole new year ... new opportunities, new resolutions, new adventures, and, the best, a brand new calendar from Staples! What's not to love, Evan?

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