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    January 07, 2008



    I enjoy the following:

    and I'm at:

    Thanks for giving me a bunch of new links, Evan.


    try this for a random sampling....

    or this from our middle school pastor

    Jenni K

    My brother is a church planter and is posting some thought-provoking stuff on his new blog:


    Brian Zahnd is in St. Joseph, MO and one of my favorite guys to listen to:

    And I like my own pastor:

    Craig Groeschel of writes a good blog:

    Jim Wideman's got some great stuff, but I wish he'd get someone to proof-read sometimes:

    jen cox

    The Motherload:

    Evan McBroom

    Thanks for the links! Hat give-away after a couple days! I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat!

    jen cox

    And missionary Patrick Nachtigall isn't *exactly* a pastor, but he very much serves a pastoral/leadership role in the Hong Kong Church of God. His blog ranges from funny things that Marco (4) has said to theology to political/cultural reflections on China (and the many other countries he's visited).

    jen cox

    Mark Jackson--a gaming friend of Randy's:

    Dan Kimball:

    Tony Dye is mostly written by Randy Schlichting, the Worship Pastor at Perimeter Church.

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