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    January 10, 2008


    Evan McBroom

    OK- my official vote is also "WHY." Michael and Bekky - we're like minded on this - the WHY is most important. If people don't understand why an effort or calling or project or ministry is important, valuable, worth pursuing...then in our busy culture how can they be expected to make it a priority.

    Michael Buckingham

    The Who is important, but if you don't know WHY you are trying to reach the WHO the message isn't going to come across.

    I often hear "We want to reach young families"

    Ok. Why? Is it because they are the biggest demographic, because they are key to growth, because you have a passion for family...why are you trying to reach them avoids selecting a WHO (or what or how) simply based on trends without a true passion.

    I've seen too many churches jump on the What (build a new campus) and Who (reach a younger crowd) simply because the church across the block was doing so. Without passion (WHY) there is no foundation.

    Bekky Coffey

    Officially de-lurking here...I also agree that WHY is vitally important. But maybe the WHO is just as important, because if your people aren't on baord, does the WHY have that much impact?

    Michael Buckingham


    It's what fuels everything else. If you don't know WHY you are doing it the rest is just meaningless action.

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