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    January 21, 2008



    Pull out that big Fishhook budget and hire an admin. assistant who does all your scheduling, answers your phone, replies to all email and makes great coffee.

    No, I don't have one of those either.


    Highlight all, click delete! (oh, come on know you really want to :-)!


    I've gone the PDA route just in case I need to send an e-mail (and because I like the synching capabilities); have rejected the full data plan so I'm not being bombarded by e-mail all the time; and constantly check e-mail from home. It seems to be as in-the-middle as it gets. And I'm not even a digital immigrant! :)

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    I've also resisted a PDA, handheld device in order to maintain privacy and "unpluggedness." Although, I can't complain that I return from a weekend to 100 emails - yikes! Maybe to at least feel less guilty for what appears to be slow replies, a new Friday afternoon habit could be to set up an auto response with your weekend plans to be unplugged and that you will reply as soon as possible. [Thank you for your patience and understanding].

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