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    November 27, 2007


    Kiel Kinnaman

    In regards to Leah's comment, I figured JD would spill the beans on this one... he's never one to keep from how he's feeling! But if it makes you feel better Evan, I don't think they're bad. But you gotta keep the troops happy! :)

    Leah Norton

    Here's a thought ... if this is the deepest, darkest secret your "employees" have on you, then you must be a pretty great "leader" (or boss). At first I regretted that JD spilled the beans on this one, but now I can see we'll have hours of laughter over this one. Let's go bowling Fishhook team!

    Matt Mehaffey

    All I know is the one on the left sure looks good in her black camp shirt! =)

    Evan McBroom

    Oh...let's just say you were mentioned behind the scenes.


    No way. How did you find out?! And why did I get an e-mail?!

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